Why You Should Not Ignore an Injury 


Do you listen to what your body is asking of you? If you listen and heed to the warning signs your body is giving you it is likely that your injury will come and go in a reasonable time frame, however if you choose to ignore the signs that are telling you to stop, rest and recover you may find yourself well on track to a chronic or recurrent problem that will result in time off the track/court/field/road/river.

Our brains are geared to protect us, and if we were to dial up our awareness of the messages it is trying to send, we would likely avoid the progression of injuries from acute to chronic.

We would heal and recover much more quickly, and that injury you’ve had more than once…it wouldn’t reoccur.

In an attempt to protect an injured area and allow healing, our brain will alter movement patterns to reduce the load on injured tissues. If you don’t rest and let your body heal, it will find a way to avoid pain and discomfort. It doesn’t take long for movement adaptations to appear.

If you choose to continue to ignore your body, you will be encouraging the compensatory movement patterns your body has been forced to adopt. The longer you ignore the more and more engrained these altered movement patterns will become and the harder and harder they will be to address. They will be there, lurking in the background when you fatigue, progress your training or sustain another injury.

So don’t be fooled into thinking you’re being tough. You’re ignoring all the signs to let your body heal. Get your body fixed and dial up your awareness for next time.


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