The Injury Clinic offers clients (INJURED & NON-INJURED) the opportunity to pursue a Strength & Conditioning Program that is both targeted and specific to their individual goals and ability level.


Strength & Conditioning Programs can be designed to assist with: Injury Management and Prevention; General Well-Being; Performance Enhancement.


Strength & Conditioning Programs at The Injury Clinic are designed by both Physiotherapists and Qualified Strength & Conditioning Coaches.


If you are currently injured, or have a significant injury history, programs will be designed by either your treating Physiotherapist, or your treating Physiotherapist in conjunction with Strength & Conditioning Coaches. Yes, you will have a team of professionals working with you to assist you in achieving your goals.


If you are un-injured and are looking towards a Strength & Conditioning Program to assist in improving your health & well-being, or improving your performance in your chosen sport; Qualified Strength & Conditioning Coaches at The Injury Clinic have the skills, experience and expertise to assist you in achieving your goals.

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