The Injury Clinic Strength & Conditioning Coach, James, is a hugely important part of the team. James is able to assist in both injury management and prevention; But he can also assist greatly in improving your performance and helping you achieve your goals. 

If you’ve been wondering if you should spend some time with James, we dare say the answer is yes. But, with the overwhelming choices surrounding strength programs; PT’s; Fitness Classes etc. it can be difficult to decide. So, we thought we’d start to share some info, starting with the difference between a Strength & Conditioning Coach & a Personal Trainer…

Often Personal Trainers (PT) and S&C Coaches are lumped in the same category. There may be certain similarities, but there are also some quite distinct differences between the two professions.


To become a qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach you need to have an Exercise Science/ Human Movement University Degree that will take at least 3 years to complete. To become a qualified Personal Trainer, you are only required to complete a 6-month certificate level TAFE course where it will cover the basics but often miss the ever important “WHY” of exercise prescription.


Personal Trainers are usually seen as the go to people for weight loss, gains in muscle mass or improvements in general fitness. They are prevalent in the commercial gym and bootcamp environments working with the general population.

Strength and Conditioning Coaches most commonly work amongst the athletic population (this includes athletes of all levels; recreational & weekend-warrior to elite), assisting clients in achieving their individual goals and peak performance. S&C Coaches design periodised training plans for each individual athlete aiming to peak their performance when the individual’s competition or event takes place. Strength Coaches also have the skills and knowledge to transition someone completing injury rehabilitation back into performance training and/or back to optimal performance in everyday life.


PT’s will often run  “8-week challenges” & “Bootcamps” with PT’s taking on the role of personal trainer, nutritionist & professional photographer for people to achieve short-term results (with often not a lot of success for longevity with the 8kg they lost in those 8 weeks).

S&C Coaches design and implement individual training programs involving various functional training techniques such as Olympic Lifting, Plyometric Training, Core Stability training and/or Velocity Based Training (VBT) at strategically different times (preparation phases, off-season or tapering for example) preparing the athlete for optimal performance and to peak when they need to.

So…if you have a goal you want to achieve in 2019, come and see James. He will work with you to improve your performance, prevent injury and assist in helping you achieve (/exceed!) your goals.


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