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Physiotherapy is a health care profession focused on body movement and function that provides assessment, diagnosis and treatment of an injury. Physiotherapy management can help to reduce pain, improve function, recover from injury and maximise physical potential.


A physiotherapist can also help to prevent further injury by working with you to plan and implement the most appropriate management of your injury.


Physiotherapists at The Injury Clinic are passionate about ensuring we strive for the best possible outcome with all of our clients. Here’s a bit of an insight into the philosophy we follow here at the clinic..


Don’t chase the symptoms. Hunt the cause.


As we are all aware. We are all connected. As a result, the cause or ‘driver’ of an injury can be at a site far from the location of pain.  Whilst addressing the local site of discomfort may result in some relief, it often doesn’t address the reason it occurred in the first place. Injury prevention. It’s important.


Most of the time, an area or tissue (muscle, tendon, bone) will become symptomatic if it is loaded adversely. Whilst the pain may be at the site of the tissue, there are many factors that contribute to why it may have experienced loading beyond what it is capable of managing.


These contributing factors can include: tightness; weakness; biomechanical variations; joint restrictions; individual anatomy; poorly designed training programs; discrepancies in strength between global and local muscle groups …the list goes on.


If these are not addressed, injury will likely reoccur either in the same or a different location.


At The Injury Clinic we will hunt the cause and not get distracted by the symptoms. So if you’re struggling to get on top of an injury or have been experiencing recurrent niggles…come and let us work with you to hunt the cause.


  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Explanation of diagnosis
  • Involvement in the decision making and planning of your rehabilitation
  • Individualised treatment approach
  • Emphasis on self management and prevention of future injury


* Please ensure you come to your appointment appropriately dressed in comfortable clothing that allows unrestricted movement.


  • Spinal and joint mobilisation / manipulation (if indicated)
  • Soft tissue techniques
  • Dry needling
  • Injury education & advice
  • Myofascial cupping
  • Muscle re-education
  • Strength & Conditioning Programs
  • Return to Run / Play Programs


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