There are many different approaches to Dietetics & Nutrition. Here is a brief insight into the approach that The Injury Clinic Dietitian, Tim Stewart, takes with his clients.


Tim has completed further training in the non-diet approach, mindful eating and body image acceptance. This additional training has enabled him to provide his clients with an alternative way to implementing a healthy lifestyle that does not focus directly on diet and body weight. He believes that your mood should not be dictated by what the scales say.


In the non-diet approach, the typical dieting behaviours of weighing and measuring food and body, recording detailed food diaries, extensive forward planning and timing of meals, concrete energy intake, specific weight loss goals and the use of ‘diet’ foods are firmly discouraged.

This approach will allow the individual to build skills and confidence in their own innate ability to select appropriate foods for their body in appropriate amounts.

What you will get out of seeing a non-diet approach Dietitian:


  • Hunger-fullness awareness (appetite awareness)
  • Awareness of non-hungry eating cues
  • Education on the adverse effects of restrictive dieting
  • Self and body acceptance
  • Basic nutrition education
  • Identifying enjoyable physical activities
  • Adjusting your language towards foods .eg. good vs. bad foods
  • Mindful eating


Within these sessions, there will be no need to weigh yourself on the scales as this data will not be used. It is also encouraged for you to remain off the scales at home in order to show that this is not required as part of a healthy lifestyle.


There is no doubt that this approach will challenge your thoughts and beliefs in regards to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.  Exposure to media and the portrayal and healthiness and ‘thinness’ has had an impact on many of our current beliefs and behaviours in regards to body image and food intake. There is a misconception that the non-diet approach means that you have a license to eat whatever you like. However, the primary goal is to make sure that we take the stress away from reaching a goal weight and get you eating delicious food, enjoying physical activity and enhancing your lifestyle.


More information on the non-diet approach and mindful eating can be seen via this link:

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