At The Injury Clinic Physiotherapy, we will work with you to diagnose, fix & prevent your injury.  We don’t just look to treat the symptoms, we will hunt the cause of your injury as well.

Any tissue, be it bone, ligament, tendon, muscle, joint capsule etc. can become symptomatic when it is loaded adversely. Strength & Conditioning Programs are commonly used as part of injury management plans to ensure that the “driver” or cause of your symptoms is addressed. This assists not only in symptom management, but prevention of injury recurrence.

Adverse or incorrect biomechanics along with strength deficits are the “driver” behind many injuries we see at The Injury Clinic Physiotherapy. Once accurately identified, it is important that the factors contributing to the development of your injury (strength deficits, adverse biomechanics etc.) are addressed. Strength & Conditioning is the best way to achieve this, provided that programs are targeted and specific to the individual.

Strength & Conditioning Programs designed by Physiotherapists at The Injury Clinic are targeted and specific to you, your injury and your goals. They are more often than not the most important aspect of your injury management.


Step #1: Arrange a Functional Strength & Conditioning consult at the clinic. This can be done either online (CLICK HERE) or via phone (03) 5229 3911.

Your consult will go for 40mins and will include:

  • A discussion regarding: goals, aims, injury history, activity levels etc.
  • Assessment of strength, muscle activation & motor patterning
  • Development of an individualised strength & conditioning program


Step #2: A consult will be arranged to complete your program with 1:1 supervision. This will ensure that your program is both appropriate and safe.


Step #3: A follow up consult will be arranged with your Physiotherapist for 2 weeks. This will ensure you are on track, and provide an opportunity for any changes or progressions to be made to your program. It is important that your program be monitored closely so continued improvements and gains can be made.


Option #1: Supervised Gym Sessions

Supervised Gym Sessions are offered at various times throughout the week. They are times in which the gym is closed to use by other clients, and you have access to one of The Injury Clinic Physiotherapists to assist with program supervision and progression. Supervised Gym Sessions are capped at 6 clients to ensure adequate supervision and an opportunity for questions.

Please check the agenda below for Supervised Gym Session times, you do not have to select a time that is Supervised by your treating Physiotherapists. All Physiotherapists at The Injury Clinic work together as a team to ensure you achieve your goals.

Supervised Gym Sessions can either be booked online (CLICK HERE) or through our reception staff by calling the clinic on (03) 5229 3911.

*Please note that Supervised Sessions can be completed intermittently throughout your program, or you may choose to select a supervised time for all your gym sessions. The choice is yours!

We recommend that a Supervised Session is selected when starting a program, this way we can ensure appropriate technique and program design.

Duration: 60 mins

Max Clients: 6

Cost: $25.00 (HICAPS available)


Option #2: Independent Gym Use

The Injury Clinic Gym is available for independent use when completing a program designed by or in consultation with your Physiotherapist.

Please note that use of the gym independently must be outside times allocated for Supervised Sessions.

If you have any questions regarding use of The Injury Clinic Gym, please don’t hesitate to contact use via phone (03) 5229 3911 or email

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