1. There may be times when your preferred practitioner is unavailable. We assure you that physiotherapists at The Injury Clinic work closely together as a team to ensure the best outcome for all our clients. If you can not find a suitable time with your preferred practitioner, we encourage you to continue to book a consult. Your preferred practitioner will be made aware and your case discussed.


2. Not all available appointments are made available online. If you can not find a time that suits, we encourage you to call the clinic on (03) 5229 3911, we may just be able to find a solution!


3. Please take the time when booking an appointment online to ensure that you have selected the appropriate appointment type.


Initial Consult: This is to be selected if you HAVE NOT previously been to the clinic


New Case Consult: This is to be selected if you HAVE been to the clinic previously, but are seeking treatment and management for a NEW INJURY, or you have not consulted with your Physiotherapist for > 4-6 weeks. It will allow your treating practitioner more time to assess and treat your injury.


Follow-up Consult: This is to be selected if you are currently receiving treatment and have been advised by your Physiotherapist to arrange a follow-up consult.



4. We welcome any questions, queries or concerns that you may have. Please call and speak with one of our friendly reception staff at any time.

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