What to Expect @ The Injury Clinic Geelong


Clinicians at The Injury Clinic Physiotherapy Geelong will work with you to ensure an understanding of your current injury and develop a management plan aimed at getting you back to the things you enjoy as soon as possible.

Our Physiotherapists combine clinical expertise with current research evidence to provide you with the best possible outcome.


The Injury Clinic Physiotherapy aims to assist you with gaining the confidence and ability to achieve whatever may challenge or excite you.

We have a specialised rehab gym onsite that is available for use by our clients. This enables specific, targeted and supervised rehab of your injury to not only assist with recovery but improve performance and prevent recurrence of your injury.


The Injury Clinic Physiotherapy Geelong is committed to helping improve health and well-being, function and performance.

We appreciate that all of our clients are individuals with different aims, goals, strengths and weaknesses. There is never one solution for everyone. We will listen. Let us work with you to diagnose, fix and prevent.

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